Wednesday, March 08, 2006

March 5, 2006

Leonardo Ave. - Lake Claire “Moving Sale”

I happened by a sign for this sale near my home while out bicycling on this springlike Sunday morning. The sale was inside a nearly over restored brick bungalow that had recently been sold. Inside there was not a lot left when I arrived. Just a few things were remaining in each room of the home. In the living room was a sofa, a curio cabinet, a large wooden carving of an angel, a paper cutter and a computer power supply. In the kitchen and dining room were swim fins, a mixer, some mugs, a microwave oven. All that was in one small room in the rear was a computer desk a mirror and an oversized chair. Out back for sale was a wheelbarrow and some garden tools. I do not know if the owner was selling the four large koi that swam about a pond in an attractive rock garden. Inside a narrow staircase led to an empty wood paneled attic the only thing found there was a painting of a man with a dog.
I bought nothing.

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