Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Rosedale Rd. - Grant Park “Yard Sale”

This was yet another fine sale by a master accumulator who a reseller would say never throws anything away. In this case the home looks like the owner never failed to pick anything interesting he found in the street and took it home.
The front yard of the home was somewhat orderly with rugs thrown over chairs and other furniture. But the drive way led shoppers towards the realm of chaos in the back yard. Here it was more folk art environment than yard sale. It was difficult to tell where the seller’s normal backyard décor ended and the sale began. This was especially true in the garden (if one could call such a place a garden) area where old bottles, dolls, strange ceramics, furniture and some greenery were mixed together in an astounding display. An old shed dominated the back yard but it was so full of excessive clutter it was difficult to even tell where the building and its contents began or ended. Among some of the many wonders found there were large tiki faces, insane happy looking Easter figurines, a pear headed figure wearing a sailors outfit, a large pink crane arrayed with Xmas lights, a large plaster headless ballerina, strange nude paintings. There were countless heads and masks, piles of mugs, mismatched plates, disjointed chandeliers, broken appliances and heaps pf large plastic toys. As I wondered about the seller told me that I should could comeback sometime and spend more time with him and his clutter.

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