Tuesday, March 28, 2006

In another bedroom downstairs I located several books on early man and paleontology. Among the titles was “Human Evolution”, “ Ape into Human” as well as “Outline of Fractures”.

In an office at one end of the home a large map showing the routes traveled by western pioneers was displayed on one wall. Perusing the bookshelves I found numerous books on pioneer times and life on the Oregon Trail. On the floor I found another map this one a National Geographic map of the United States with a road route following close to that same pioneer trail, marked with a highlighter. Other books I found in the room included “Montana Atlas” and “Death and the Regeneration of Life”. On the shelves I also found a VHS tape entitled “Running a Steam Locomotive”

I bought nothing but on my way out noticed a scale model of a covered wagon on the mantle.

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