Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Glendale St. - Decatur “Estate Sale”

Going from one estate sale to another is wearisome. This one was in a traditional one-story brick home. Inside the door I greeted the estate sellers. Here they were set up around a large collection of political memorabilia. Most of it was in the form of buttons and bumber stickers. When I entered a man was digging in the pile for Goldwater items. I stopped and examined a box of postcards then headed to the rear of the home. In a bedroom, a dresser was covered with the remains of an old rock collection. Various rocks and stones were spilling out of old egg cartons and other containers. Among the rocks was a hand painted turtle shell. On another dresser was a pile of old political cartoons, some old road maps and a leaflet about the Slovaks. A large kitchen displayed no food for sale but did have an vastarray of glassware and barware along with a box containing several award plaques from the Benevolent Order of the Elks.

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