Wednesday, March 15, 2006

March 12, 2006

Josephine St. - Cander Park “Yard Sale”

I notice this sale after dropping Cindy off for her monthly poker game. I had failed to bring my notebook and failed to take a proper accounting of all that was there. Josephine is a very narrow street and the front yards are quite small. This front yard and the adjoining porch were filled with books, clothing, video tapes and other stuff. In the boxes of tapes were several martial arts instructional video. The books contained all sorts of financial and spiritual guides including “25 Steps to power and mastery over people”, “How to Stay alive in the woods”, “The Purpose driven life”, “God’s plan for your finances” as well as “The concealed handgun manual”.
Among the martial arts video works was “Nine section Whip chain”. On the porch were over a half dozen computers that the seller doubted he would sell.
I bought several books and videos and a kit called yoga in a box.

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